This is the music clip for Nikko’s ‘Smoke Alarms’ track from their second LP. The idea to do a clip for Nikko was in motion for a while and I had planned to fly over to Perth to meet my mate Ben in late September and embark on a journey from the bottom of Western Australia, through the Nullarbor Plains crossing into South Australia, Victoria, and eventually making our way back to Sydney over 8 days. So filming a clip for this track whilst on a journey was a no-brainer. It was a magnificent time comprised of beautiful landscapes, unpredictable weather, camping on what felt like the edge of the earth at times and extremely little interaction with anyone except ourselves.

Driving from one-side of our country to the other is something I’ve wanted to do since watching Malcolm Douglas’ journeys on TV as a kid. Thanks BC for making it happen!

Thanks to-
Ben Challenor for his superb acting, flawless driving skills and generosity
Tom Noakes for post-production and general good vibes
Keefy, the goldfish that survived the WHOLE drive in-and-out of a plastic bag who now resides on my mantelpiece in a well-deserved pimped-out tank
And the Nikko boys who continue to write incredible music.

Hope you enjoy :)